Luciano Baêta


Audiovisual solutions: planning, execution and analysis of results. Video editor and motion designer, always looking to go further — supported by an experience of more than 17 years working with images and sounds — whether with video shooting, photography, podcast, audio, animation, 3D, graphic design, illustration, music production / composition, YouTube Analytics, content for social media and production / script follow-up.


Video shooting and editing for carnival parade (Terno do Binga 2024):

Cutout animation for Hotmart success case:

Vídeo editing and color grading:

3D animation with low poly characters:

Directing and editing for Hotmart/Whatsapp new API functionality:

Animation for stop motion festival themed "_______.":

Editing and motion design for product GTM:

Wedding video (shooting and editing):

Music video and composition:

Experiment with phonotrope and bird origamis:

Music production and compositions: